October 2016

Real World Procurement Series Global Webinar – Next Generation Supplier Management

“SRM” has been a hot topic for some years now, but technology is changing supplier management just as it is other areas of the procurement lifecycle. We will look at the latest thinking in the whole area of supplier management – so not just the “SRM” around the most critical suppliers, but the wider picture.

That […]

January 2016

2 Nov 2016 | Real World Procurement Series Global Webinar – Nurturing Procurement Talent in the Millennial Era

2 November 2016: There is a shortage of talent in the procurement profession. So what can procurement executives do about this? Simply poaching staff from other organisations is not a sustainable solution for the profession as a whole.

So what can we practically do to attract the best people, motivate, retain and nurture them to become the […]

7 Dec 2016 | Real World Procurement Series Global Webinar – Proving your Procurement Value

7 December 2016: All the core processes and enablers we have talked about through this year’s Real World Procurement series (sourcing, transactional management, supplier management, people and tools) don’t help the procurement function if the rest of the organisation is not convinced that procurement is truly adding value!

In this session, we will look at how procurement can […]